Best Cooker Hoods in Singapore ~ Review and Buying Guide

A cooker hood is a kitchen appliance that hangs above our cooker hob. It helps our kitchen eliminate the odors, steam, heat, and absorb and trap grease in our wall, appliances, and cabinets. Getting to know what a cooker hood is will help us to solve our problems and provide us a sense of relief when inside the kitchen. Hence, it is very important that we get to know the best cooker hoods in Singapore.

However, it is worth noting that selecting a cooker hood is one of the struggles we often cope with because of the different designs and functions. To help you with it, we have come up with a list of the best cooker hoods in Singapore. In addition to it, we also listed some of the features that you must take note of before buying a cooker hood so that you will not be hard up in picking for the ideal one.

Features You Should Look for in the Best Cooker Hoods in Singapore

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Before you buy an oven, it is essential that you get to know the crucial features that an ideal model should have. This way, you can conveniently pick the right oven that would suit right well with your needs in the kitchen. Moreover, getting to know these features will allow you to further gauge what oven has the right quality to last a long time. Without further ado, here are some of the features in our oven buying guide that you should look for when picking the best ovens in Singapore.

Coverage Area

Your hood ought to be sufficiently huge to cover the corners and edges of your oven. Additionally, the smoking port should likewise retain any fumes that have been produced while you are cooking while at the same time permitting no particle to get away.

The cooking fumes are scattered in three unique stages: frying, rising, and spreading. When these particles would ascend to around 23 inches over the oven, they will begin to spread all through the air. The proper cooker hood will adequately cover your oven stop and keep these particles from spreading.

Strength of the Cooker Hood

The strength of cooker hoods alludes to the air movement that originates from the machine. It is estimated in cubic feet every minute. In the event that your cooking includes solid smells and steam, we suggest that you get a cooker hood that is at any rate at least 350 CFM. On the off chance that your burner yield would be high, at that point you ought to get a hood that would convey more CFM. The main drawback of having higher CFM is that it will in general be noisier.

Extraction Power

At present, cooker hoods at full force can remove a limit of 650 m3/h. Producers of cooker hood can include power help work, yet it must be initiated following a couple of moments. During this time, the hood can extricate up to an extra 100 m3 of air. Henceforth, a hood that offers an incredible extraction limit will have a lift capacity of 1000m3/h, a most extreme force setting of roughly 650 m3/h, and various force levels, including a low least level.

Overview of the Best Cooker Hoods in Singapore 

Turbo Incanto TSL-902BK


Kicking off our list of the best cooker hoods in Singapore is the Turbo Incanto TSL-902BK. This cooker hood consists of the following features: a 3-speed control, a bi-rotational engine, a Carbon channel, and a washable metal oil channel. It further consists of two x 40w implicit Bright lights. It is available in Stainless Steel color. The noise level of this cooker hood is moderate of 54dBA, and the airflow movement is 600m3/hr. The minimum distance area for cooking is 650mm.


Mayer MMTH90 Telescopic Hood

Yeobuild HomeStore Mayer MMTH90 Telescopic Cooker Hood

Another option that you could choose from is the Mayer MMTH90 Telescopic Hood, a 90 cm telescopic hood that consists of a high-grade stainless steel front panel with aluminum grease, black acrylic, grey powder coating chassis, a charcoal filter, and 2x speed button control. It offers you a circulating mode only, and a moderate noise level of <59dB. Its suction availability is 550m³/hr.


Mayer MMSI903OT Slimline Hood

Yeobuild HomeStore Mayer MMSI903OT Slimline Cooker Hood

Mayer MMSI903OT Slimline Hood has an ultra-slim hood style that gives you 3-speed touch control, oil cup, and oil tray with a 3 x charcoal filter. Its stainless steel with gray powder coating chassis will be a suitable fit for your kitchen. Its noise level is below 59dB, and suction power of 900m³/hr.


Turbo Immaginario TL1000-90SS


Turbo Immaginario TL1000-90SS is a telescopic hood that has a sleekness look with its powerful engine. It consists of an indicator light, 2x 20w halogen lamps, and 3-speed push-button control with a washable metal grease filter. The airflow movement is 1000m3/hr, with a noise level below 58dBA. The minimum distance for cooking is 650mm.


Turbo Incanto C596N-90SS


Turbo Incanto C596N-90SS is a cm chimney hood that has a built-in lamp, washable metal grease filter, and a carbon filter. Its available color is steel. This cooker hood haw a noise level of below 68dBA with an airflow movement of 950m3/hr, and the minimum distance area is 650mm.


Aerogaz AZ-101A Cooker Hood


Aerogaz AZ-101A Cooker Hood is a 90cm chimney hood with a 2x3w led lamp with LCD electric button. The baffle filters are a good thing for its safely guarding the exhaust vents against flames and flammable pieces from coming. Its air suction is1000m³/hr will surely help you to get rid of all unnecessary smell.


Aerogaz AZ-103B Cooker Hood


Aerogaz AZ-103B Cooker Hood is a 90cm slimline hood. It has an air suction movement of 1000m3/hr and a washable aluminum grease filter with touch control, 2x3w led lamp. This product also helps emoves all of the unpleasant smoke and smells out of your kitchen. Moreover, it also features a washable aluminum grease filter.


Mayer MMSH8099-L Chimney Hood

Yeobuild HomeStore Mayer MMSH8099-L Chimney Cooker Hood

Mayer MMSH8099-L Chimney Hood is a 90cm angled hood, with an aluminum and charcoal filter. Dual-mode options ducted and recirculating with a 59 dB(A) noise level and 1600m³/hr suction air movement. Its black color matches the angled style, giving more style in your kitchen.


TURBO Chimney Cooker Hood (DH1150-90SS)


TURBO Chimney Cooker Hood (DH1150-90SS) a stylish reliable turbo chimney hood, It has all it needs when dealing with grease, moisture, fumes, and unwanted smells in your kitchen. It has a built-in lamp, 2x 20 w halogen lamps, soft-touch control 3 +1 intensive speed, digital display, heat sensor, the noise level of 69dBA with airflow suction of 900m3/hr and a minimum cooking distance of 650mm.

Turbo Incanto TD8096


Finally, we have Turbo Incanto TD8096. Its retractable smoke guide board is a big help. It has a one x4w led lamp, nine step-less speed changing, a metal fan with Teflon finish along with it is a removable oil tray, mat carbon filter, patented stainless steel mesh tray. It also has sensor touch control and a noise level of less than 53dBA with air suction of 1600m3/hr and a minimum distance cooking area of 650mm.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it; the list of the best cooker hoods in Singapore. We hope that our guide will help you find a suitable match for your cooker hobs. While cooker hood repair can be a good solution, there will always be room for new products in your kitchen. So, go ahead and try one of these cooker hoods.

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